Rajakeeya Hith Yata a song that was released at the Royal College general assembly.The song is sung by Vidula Perera, Mithun Perera, and Pasan Dharmasena, Music by Vidula Perera and Lyrics by Mithun and Imesh Elikewela.

The general assembly is another traditional event which usually takes place on the day prior to big match and is possibly the largest gathering of students in college. This large gathering that comprises students from grade 6 to 13 will gather at the J. R Jayawardena pavilion.

Royal College Colombo

Royal College Colombo

J. R Jayawardena Pavilion

J. R Jayawardena Pavilion

There are six items that will included in the agenda of the traditional general assembly.

1.) Captains and Vice captains of all Sports will be introduced to the large student gathering
2.) Senior Prefects are given their badges and the head and deputy head prefects are introduced.
3.) Speech by the head prefect
4.) Speech by the principal
5.) Hand over the first publication of the big match souvenir to the principal.
6.) The 1st XI cricket team is announced.

There were few years where students were served refreshments at the end of the event, but i wonder if this is still continued.

The general assembly usually last for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and the Red Cross society of Royal College also plays a vital role as they provide first aid to all individuals who falls ill during the event. Some students often fall sick purposely at the event so they could come over to the Red Cross camp to sit under a fan and sip chilled water 😀

And also not forgetting the Radio Club of Royal college who supplies sounds for the event, the cadets and the choir also plays an important role at the event.

Boake Entrance

Boake Entrance

Shortly after the general assembly some students will jump out of school to participate in illegal trucking and jump into neighboring schools. Even though we see people discouraging such behavior, the sad truth is that most of the girls schools in colombo welcome boys from all leading schools to there colleges during the season. Out of all the schools i consider jumping into Ladies college to be easiest. This is because of the short walls, and also the Principal will order the security to open the gates so the boys need not take the same route they took to break into the school.

Breaking into Bishops College, seems to be the toughest as the school principal will order the security to seal all exist points and then alert the cops. All students who gets trapped in will have to pay a huge price as their parents will have to color wash the walls of Bishops College. So jump with caution!!

The cycle parade which is also another traditional event that takes place the same day. But, there were some years the school principal didn’t allow the students to organize the cycle parade, thus this is because of the security situation that prevailed in the country. So as an alternative, the prefects played a soft ball cricket match against the teachers of Royal college.

Some of the teachers who were not active during class were very energetic on the fields jumping, running around as they were just 16 years old. And this attracted more students to watch the match. Both young and old teachers took part in this match, and there were several occasions where the teachers knocked out the prefects team.

So i hope, these traditions are still happening at Royal College. There are loads and loads of stuff that i could write about this, but i’ll stop for now.

I found this video funny, and thought to share it with others. Happy Friday, and hope you’ll have an awesome day.

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Found this interesting, thought to share..

TN Smart Girl

The following incident happened at a high school only minutes from my home in East Tennessee. I am sure that no one outside of our immediate region has ever heard the story, because the only person who was shot-and killed-was the gunman. These types of stories don’t fit the narrative of those who want “gun-free zones” and so are ignored by the national media. In this case an armed Security Resource Officer, Carolyn Gudger, became a local hero and saved an unknown number of lives by holding the gunman at bay until backup arrived. The text below is drawn from a local news website, Tricities.com. The story is not viewable on mobile devices, probably because it is so old. If you wish to view it on your PC, here is the link:http://tinyurl.com/ckqfcvf

Gunman killed at Sullivan Central

“On Monday morning, August 30, 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan loaded 13 bullets into two…

View original post 997 more words

No i did not get married or hoping to get married any sooner. I found this clip of Tom Fletcher, singer, song writer and guitarist of a pop rock band McFly.

It was emotional for many who watched this video of Tom giving his wedding speech, hope you will find it interesting and hope you will do something creative at your wedding.

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It’s 31st December tomorrow

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31st December

31st December

Tomorrow is 31st December 2012. The day the whole world will be enjoying, having a gay time partying. However, i won’t be engaging in any of these activities as i will be going in for a surgery. I have been postponing this surgery for months, and i think i should finally get over it. According to the doctor it takes 30-45 minutes, and not scary nor painful at all. When he says ‘Not painful..’, i am not sure if he was referring to him or me. Because all surgeries are painful and scary. Just imagine someone sticking needles, scissors etc into your body. However i am not sure if needles will ever be used for this surgery, but got to know that a microscopic camera will be inserted at some point. I will not be revealing anymore particulars about the surgery as it’s a personal matter and i like to keep things to myself.

So if you don’t see any other post from me in the next few days, consider me dead (or rather the doctor killed me 🙂 ). Some might be happy, but i will not kick off that easily 😉

Anyway, please don’t drink and drive, and then get someone killed. If you see someone drunk and trying to drive, drag him/her out of the car and beat them. The police are doing so much to improve our safety, but it is also the responsibility of the people to help prevent injury and death caused by drunk drivers.

Don't Drink And Drive

Don’t Drink And Drive

So it’s Christmas. The only thing i don’t like about Christmas are the road accidents that take away innocent lives. The death toll from drunk driving crashes during Christmas is significantly higher than the rest of the year.

While the police are doing much to improve our safety, we can do so much to protect ourselves;

  1. Don’t drink and drive.
  2. Never condone or approve of excessive alcohol consumption.
  3. Always wear your seat belts.
  4. Dont drive fast.
  5. Don’t ride with anyone who has too much to drink.
  6. Do not allow anyone to drive under alcohol influence.

Every single injury and death caused by drunk driving is totally preventable. Be responsible, share this post.

Don't be fooled

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Who’s Following Your Family?


Hello, It has been awhile since i updated my blog. Today i thought to reblog a post which i thought would be interesting for everyone to know. This blog post is written by none other than the former CEO of Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwatz. He is someone who has been ignored my the media and by many tech enthusiast. The post below, is from his latest blog post ‘Who’s following your family?’. 

Who’s following your family?

Aren’t other people’s families fascinating?

That’s why media companies obsess over adulterous public officials or celebrity drug arrests. It’s our own voyeurism—soap operas drive huge audiences. And access to those audiences is, after all, the product a media company sells to advertisers.

BinocularsBut what about, say, pharmacy purchases. Can a media exec sell ads against the prescriptions Beyoncé’s filling for Blue Ivy?

Only if they want to spend 10 years in prison.

Because that’s the penalty for using someone’s health information for commercial gain in the United States. And information related to your health has special protection under a 1996 federal law, the Health Information Protection and Accountability Act (aka, HIPAA).

It’s a good law, that says only you control how your, or your children’s health information is used. No one can disclose it without your explicit permission. And if they do share it, even accidentally, you can sue the offender for damages with the United States Congress at your back.

But the best part of the law is that it makes your privacy a right, not a privilege. To be protected by the law, you just have to exist. A hospital can’t say, “click here to waive your rights, and then the doctor will see you.” And in my book, that’s how privacy ought to work: it’s a right for you to control, not acat and mouse game with hidden consequences.

How does advertising mix with privacy? Advertisers hate it: the less they know about you, the less you’re worth to them. That’s why companies that sell ads craft 60 page legal agreements to Click Here before you use their app. If I were trying to separate a user from her privacy, that’s how I’d do it, too. I mean, who’s going to read all 60 pages?

But if a man were standing outside your home, photographing your family and following your kids, what would you do? Call the police. What if that man were a social media company, gathering the same photos and location data? Who would you call? Other than the social media companies themselves, there are no cops to call—Google and Facebook are conflicted (and lobbying everyone to look away).

photoThat renders some of your most private information—your children’s current and historical locations, confidential discussions about vulnerable parents, family browsing or purchasing habits—available for sale to the highest bidder. Scared? You should be. I’ve seen enough in my career to know that privacy needs to extend beyond your health.

But am I greedy, wanting free services and total privacy? No. I believe respecting privacy is a cost of doing business. And it should be up to me to say my location’s more private than my migraines. Or my children’s data is entirely off limits. My information, my choice.

From where I stand, it’s time we take responsibility for all our data, and reject the increasingly confusing array of privacy waivers designed to strip our control or rights. To be clear, I don’t blame the social media companies, they’re behaving rationally. After all, companies don’t have ethics, people do.

We, the users, are the ones behaving irrationally, by trusting media companies and advertisers to act in our families’ best interest. That’s not their mission statement, it’s ours.

Privacy is a right, not a privilege. And unless I give you explicit permission to gather, distribute or use my family’s information, you are forbidden to do so.

That’s the privacy policy I want.

If you support this idea, this is one thing I’d love you to be public about.

Please Share this.

Source: http://jonathanischwartz.wordpress.com/



Today Chris Moyles broadcasted his last breakfast show after eight years presenting the programme on BBC Radio 1.

In June, the BBC’s governing body (The BBC Trust)  found that Radio 1 still needed to attract more people under 30 years old. Radio 1’s overall audience increased from 9.73 million in 2004 when the Moyles show started, to a high of 11.82 million in 2010. However, currently the show has over 6 million listeners worldwide. In March 2011, he broadcast a 52-hour show with his co host David Vitty which broke the record for the longest-ever radio broadcast and raised £2.4million for Comic Relief.

Mornings will really not be the same ever again.

Click here to download the MP4 version of the Good Bye song or copy paste the url in your browser. [ http://www.mediafire.com/?2nawpah02rr4hzd ]


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The Bye Bye Song

According to DailyMirror a protest by university students opposite the Fort Railway station which caused severe traffic congestion in the Fort area compelling the closure of Olcott Mawatha and the road opposite the Fort Railway Station. Police and the Riots squad (They looked like the riot squad, Anyway i am not sure) were also there. It rained hard in the Fort area, but the protesters continued to protest despite the rain.

I was there at Fort today and was able to capture some pictures of this protest. I uploaded some of the pictures because none of the other media institutions hasn’t published any information about the protest.

I also recorded some video clips, but CBB to upload.