Rajakeeya Hith Yata – Released at the Royal College General Assembly

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Rajakeeya Hith Yata a song that was released at the Royal College general assembly.The song is sung by Vidula Perera, Mithun Perera, and Pasan Dharmasena, Music by Vidula Perera and Lyrics by Mithun and Imesh Elikewela.

The general assembly is another traditional event which usually takes place on the day prior to big match and is possibly the largest gathering of students in college. This large gathering that comprises students from grade 6 to 13 will gather at the J. R Jayawardena pavilion.

Royal College Colombo

Royal College Colombo

J. R Jayawardena Pavilion

J. R Jayawardena Pavilion

There are six items that will included in the agenda of the traditional general assembly.

1.) Captains and Vice captains of all Sports will be introduced to the large student gathering
2.) Senior Prefects are given their badges and the head and deputy head prefects are introduced.
3.) Speech by the head prefect
4.) Speech by the principal
5.) Hand over the first publication of the big match souvenir to the principal.
6.) The 1st XI cricket team is announced.

There were few years where students were served refreshments at the end of the event, but i wonder if this is still continued.

The general assembly usually last for 2 1/2 to 3 hours, and the Red Cross society of Royal College also plays a vital role as they provide first aid to all individuals who falls ill during the event. Some students often fall sick purposely at the event so they could come over to the Red Cross camp to sit under a fan and sip chilled water 😀

And also not forgetting the Radio Club of Royal college who supplies sounds for the event, the cadets and the choir also plays an important role at the event.

Boake Entrance

Boake Entrance

Shortly after the general assembly some students will jump out of school to participate in illegal trucking and jump into neighboring schools. Even though we see people discouraging such behavior, the sad truth is that most of the girls schools in colombo welcome boys from all leading schools to there colleges during the season. Out of all the schools i consider jumping into Ladies college to be easiest. This is because of the short walls, and also the Principal will order the security to open the gates so the boys need not take the same route they took to break into the school.

Breaking into Bishops College, seems to be the toughest as the school principal will order the security to seal all exist points and then alert the cops. All students who gets trapped in will have to pay a huge price as their parents will have to color wash the walls of Bishops College. So jump with caution!!

The cycle parade which is also another traditional event that takes place the same day. But, there were some years the school principal didn’t allow the students to organize the cycle parade, thus this is because of the security situation that prevailed in the country. So as an alternative, the prefects played a soft ball cricket match against the teachers of Royal college.

Some of the teachers who were not active during class were very energetic on the fields jumping, running around as they were just 16 years old. And this attracted more students to watch the match. Both young and old teachers took part in this match, and there were several occasions where the teachers knocked out the prefects team.

So i hope, these traditions are still happening at Royal College. There are loads and loads of stuff that i could write about this, but i’ll stop for now.

  1. Shakeel says:

    Nice writeup. Brings back old memories.. 😥

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