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The Royalist beating the trinity lions in its own den, recorded 34-17 in the second leg of the match worked off in Kandy this evening. Royal also won the first leg in Colombo two weeks ago. It was to be close tussle for supremacy where the lions were well ahead at the end of the first half, yet the Royal jumbo’s fought back from the second half onwards to record a 17 point lead against the arch rivals Trinity.

This is proved to be true to almost all the royalist, as a Royalist would fight back and regain conscious at anytime. It was sad that the Lions didn’t know this, and the entire second half was favoring Royal until the final whistle was blown.

The 66th Bradby Encounter has been some thing special for both the Royalist and the Trinitians, The Bradby Train that was abundant for more than 20 years was back on its rails this year, and also the Bradby theme song added more enthusiasm to the game.

My first youtube video was also released today so that too makes the 66th Bradby even more memorable 😉 .

Have a look at the Bradby Theme song, and view your comments on what you think about it.

As requested you could now download this song, here’s the link.

The video is in FLV format, use the free VideoLAN VLC player to view, or use a FLV converter to view in any other format.

Royal Thomian Rugby Score Board

Royal Thomian Rugby Score Board

There’s nothing like watching a Saturday rugby match, today it was with Royal and the tradition rival St. Thomas. Almost all the crazy chicks in town geared up waiting for this event to take place, this particular encounter is not only about Rugby, but fashion leads the way.

I wore my souvenir Royal T-shirt, and marched on to Royal Sports complex with a few Royalist. I think more than 40% of the total crowd was girls, dressed to kill in all kinds of fashion accessories hanging from all corners of their body (Confused didn’t know girls loved rugby that much), anyway I didn’t see them watching the match, they were attracted to other stuff in the ground. There was this incident that happened, and boy it was funny….. There was this girl, who was not watching the match, she was busy looking at other things (u know what ….. GUYS), and got hit by a ball, and later she cried out loud “He hit me …. ”, lol, there were a lot of laughs at the open tiers at Royal Sports Complex.

St. Thomas opened the match by scoring the first try of the day, and ever since then the match was in Royals way, Royal took all its opportunities to mark points on the board. But, I was a bit concerned with the way some players performed this season, I think Royal will have a tough time at the 2nd leg of the Bradby unless all the players perform to their best. There was one player (I don’t want to mention the name), who had a sexy walk throughout the match, he never ran faster this season, and he tackles a person very rarely, maybe he is concerned of getting himself injured. This guy should be replaced. Wink (You know who has a sexy run in the grounds)

Number 14 for Royal played a superb game with the captain who wears a pink boot (sources say the boot is worth more than 40000 bucks despite its PINK in colour – unconfirmed). So as a rugby reviewer Royal could easily win the Bradby if they improve on their passes, and of course replace the player with the sexy catwalk. Royal take my advice here….

Loosing in whatever Royal Thomian encounter is emotionally tough, at the last minute a Thomian had a blast against a Royal player and ended up in the sin bin. The referee Dilroy Fernando got another chance to play as the referee of the match despite he was thrown to be the flagman in the Bradby first leg. This was disgraceful, yet there should be ups and downs in life.

Dinner with Nadeeka Perera

Dinner with Nadeeka Perera

For dinner we went to this Chinese place in Colpity called Mao’s Chinese restaurant, it was actually a Chinese style egg that we took as takeaway and then to dinner at another resturant, I would like to comment on this egg that we bought, it was fried with green chillie and wrapped with a lot of leaves and sunk in a soup (Well… it tasted like shit). We saw Nadeeka Perera with her friend (hoooooooot) when we went for dinner, her friend had to leave her alone and hang around with another set of friends I guess, and anyway Nadeeka was alone. I thought she was dark, but she had some colour, tall as nothing, I think she’s at least 1 or 2 inch taller than me (I’m 5 ‘8). She ordered Indian food, and ate like a cow, she was munching it, may be the food tasted awful. Despite the topic of this post says “After Roytho rugby match had dinner with Nadeeka Perera” , we didn’t sit at the same table, hehe… but opposite tables. Had a close observation of all what she did at dinner, noted and recorded. Well….. She seemed to be a down to earth person, simple and that’s what all a person should be. I have seen people with swollen heads and forget the past as soon as they reach a level in life, but I guess Nadeeka is not that type, correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway I had dinner with Nadeeka Perera, even though we sat in opposite tables, and here goes another expensive Saturday of my life, I lost a lot of cash this weekend, hope everything turns out well next week.

Victory Day in Sri Lanka

Victory Day in Sri Lanka

Had a few near death experience in the past couple of weeks, to name a few, I almost fell from the foot board of a bus and gulping drinking yogurt with Geckos poo are a few. It seems like someone wants me dead, and on the other hand someone wants me alive. Dead or Alive, I’m still living my natural life. Each day I face new challenges, most of the time I face a lot of challenges that would eventually put me down. Staying there and finding the solution is hectic, yet I enjoy it as life is all about facing challenges.

Today is victory day in Sri Lanka, unlike the Memorial Day in United States, the Sri Lankan government didn’t declare a holiday for mercantile sector, most probably for the fact that Sri Lanka has at least two holidays per month. In the morning while walking towards the bus stand to catch the bus for work, I saw nearly 300 to 600 people walking on Galle Road, some were on their mobile phones and some were walking really fast bumping on each other, I have never seen anything like this before, it seemed to be like I was in New York to see this large number of people walking to work. The view was magnificent.

It has been 1 year now since the war is over, and it’s safe to travel all around Sri Lanka even by foot, you could talk while you’re walking or walk while you’re talking, it makes no difference and this was what it looked like this morning. Eventually as I reached the bus stand my initial theory claimed to be wrong, the roads were closed for the victory parade, therefore the 300 to 600 people that I saw had to walk from Bambalapitya Junction to Colpity Junctions since busses were not allowed. They were grumbling while they were walking that proves my theory of walk while talking and talking while walking. Sad, I too had to walk up to university of Colombo to get a bus.

Anyway despite victory parades, my whole week has been full of challenges, and I was able to face most of it, and yes there are loads inline to be solved in weeks to come. Sigh… I’m living with a hope, hoping for my Victory day to approach soon.

Salman's 'Ready' to be shot in Sri Lanka

Salman's 'Ready' to be shot in Sri Lanka

IIFA ended few weeks back, bringing a lot of controversy in both India and Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka didn’t get the expected revenue as expected but claims that it might bring future prospectus to the country. Now here it goes.

Recognizing the gorgeousness of the island nation and the welcoming warmth received by the Indian Film Fraternity during another magical IIFA weekend, Anees Bazmee’s new film Ready, produced by T-Series and starring Salman Khan and Asin in lead roles, will now be filmed in Sri Lanka from June 20.

The movie’s location for shooting was originally scheduled to be Mauritius, but after enjoying a beautiful locale like Colombo during the IIFA Weekend, there was much enthusiasm to change the location to Sri Lanka.

It may be recalled that in the absence of the Bachchan parivar and Shah Rukh Khan at the recently held IIFA weekend in Colombo, it was none other than Salman Khan who was the main attraction at this extravaganza. The actor, who played a key role in the IIFA Hands for Humanity Project, as the Brand Ambassador for Charity, thoroughly appreciated the kindness and generosity of the Sri Lankans and claims to be thrilled about returning to the neighbouring island.

so here it is… Ready will be shot in Sri Lanka from June 20th.

Hope geckos poo is not toxic, if it’s so, then I’ll be dead by tomorrow morning. I accidently poured some drinking yogurt into a glass that had some poo on it (I am sure it has to be a geckos). Usually all the glasses are well cleaned and placed, and I use to check the glass and clean it before I pour anything into it, but this particular glass missed it. I noticed the poo only after drinking the yogurt. Hmmm……

So if I die, I’m sure it will bring some smiles on certain people, and some would even party. Anyway, that would only happen if I die. Hope it’s not toxic, and I don’t mind dying too, but not in this manner. If you don’t see a new post on this blog, that means I’m dead.

Bye ! fingers crossed…..

Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan IIFA 2010 Colombo

Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan IIFA 2010 Colombo

“Mr Shah Rukh Khan is still trying to make it at the last hour and so is Mr Amitabh Bachchan though we cannot guarantee their participation,” a top IIFA organizer said on conditions of anonymity.

Amitabh Bachchan, who is the Brand Ambassador for the IIFA, will only be there on a flying visit. But, Salman Khan, who has been roped in as the IIFA initiative Brand Ambassador, will certainly be there.

Shah Rukh Khan also known as SRK hasn’t participated in any such IIFA since 2005, If he makes it to Colombo this would make the best IIFA for the past 5 years.

Some news source says SRK will be there on a flying visit as Big B, keep your fingers crossed.

SRK should decide if its worth coming to Colombo to entertain his fans or not ?

What do you think, Will Shah Rukh Khan make a last minute visit to Colombo ?

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will not be attending the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards scheduled to be held in Colombo from June 3-5.

“I am not going to IIFA,” Bachchan tweeted in reply to a query about his plans. He did not provide any reason for his decision.

Later in his blog, Bachchan wrote that he would respect everyone’s sentiments.

“The sentiments of all must be respected and I hope that we can plan and execute that with understanding, peace and grace,” the actor posted on his blog referring to the protests by Tamil groups.

“A Tamil group picketed my houses, asking me to not conduct IIFA in Sri Lanka. I beckoned personnel from Wiz (Wizcraft) who own and conduct IIFA, to come and meet me to discuss this matter and give it due importance,” Bachchan wrote in his response to the protests.

“I believe Wizcraft personnel met representatives of this protest presentation along with the police personnel that came over from the Juhu Police station, heard what they had to say, accepted a petition given by them, explained to them their side of the story and told them that the governing body of the event would meet immediately to conference on this matter and reach some kind of final path and solution.”

IIFA 2010, meant to showcase Sri Lanka’s emergence from 30 years of civil strife, is fast turning into a bone of contention with some groups in South India expressing their displeasure over the choice of the venue. The event has already drawn the ire of the Tamil film fraternity, with popular figures like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Vijay, Ajith and Surya refusing to be associated in any way with IIFA.

(source ndtv)

Who’s next ???