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Found this interesting, thought to share..

TN Smart Girl

The following incident happened at a high school only minutes from my home in East Tennessee. I am sure that no one outside of our immediate region has ever heard the story, because the only person who was shot-and killed-was the gunman. These types of stories don’t fit the narrative of those who want “gun-free zones” and so are ignored by the national media. In this case an armed Security Resource Officer, Carolyn Gudger, became a local hero and saved an unknown number of lives by holding the gunman at bay until backup arrived. The text below is drawn from a local news website, The story is not viewable on mobile devices, probably because it is so old. If you wish to view it on your PC, here is the link:

Gunman killed at Sullivan Central

“On Monday morning, August 30, 2010, Thomas Richard Cowan loaded 13 bullets into two…

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My Wedding Speech

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No i did not get married or hoping to get married any sooner. I found this clip of Tom Fletcher, singer, song writer and guitarist of a pop rock band McFly.

It was emotional for many who watched this video of Tom giving his wedding speech, hope you will find it interesting and hope you will do something creative at your wedding.