All The Crap I Write

At a university or in an organisation, if you try to explain something in simple terms you don’t get any recognition or trust, yet if you present the same explanation using rocket science terms others tend to trust on what you said even they don’t understand a thing about your explanation.

So the idea is, even if you don’t know a crap of what your suppose to speak, always make the explanation complex, so others will trust you’re a genius.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

  1. A says:

    I think you meant “KNOW” , when you say ‘dont no a crap’.

    • Jamie says:

      Thank you for pointing out (Y)

      • Budrex says:

        It’s called gamesmandhip (one term for it) also there’s mathmanship. The art of cloaking simple concepts in obscure terminology so that the reader will genuflect in awe before such erudition. And it’s crap. Instead of trying to be elegant and pretending to have the answers, why not ask incisive questions?
        BTW – “trust YOU’RE a genius”

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