Kumar Sangakkara – Cowdrey Lecture

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Kumar Sangakkara - Cowdrey Lecture 2011

Kumar Sangakkara - Cowdrey Lecture 2011

Click the link >   Kumar Sangakkara Cowdrey Lecture and remember to comeback and view your comments on this. Click here for speech and panel session.

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  1. Dhammika says:

    Kumar Sangakkara’s talk at Lords – Opportunity Lost

    I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him. The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.
    Shakespeare, William

    Excellent speech. But I am afraid it failed in one respect. Sri Lankans have this malady of airing our dirty laundry externally. Especially when it comes to crying to the international community. He had an international forum in his hand, for the betterment and unity of our country I would have preferred that he finished as positively as he begun.

    I agree that Sri Lanka has huge problems but also strongly believe that we need to deal with our own problems and not air our grievances to the outside world. Especially since none of the problems Sri Lanka suffers will actually be addressed by the west. Other than hurting us the most with sanctions like withdrawing the GSP Plus for the garment industry.

    The Rajapaksa style of governance must go, no doubt, but believe you me all of Sri Lanka must believe in healing ourselves.

    A good mate, both were together in Uni in the US now is a senior UNP Minister. I had the opportunity of entertaining him this Easter at my sisters’ house in Virginia. Obviously politics drove that evenings conversation punctuated only by the couple of hours we visited a ‘bar’. I finally got my mate to agree on what I believe that the main oppositions mandate or what really drives the UNP – they are happy to stay in opposition as long as they protect their principles. I think that this attitude will not get them elected as a majority in parliament.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe, my mate the minister and the UNP heir-achy are all millionaires in any currency. With immense respect to them, and especially my mate, principles are good and great. But not so when you are fighting nepotism and skullduggery in politics.

    Politics sans action other than crying to the west does not and will not work to address Sri Lanka’s problems.

    Sri Lanka has a 90%+ literacy rate. It’s easy to inform and convince our people as many of the newspapers and radio cover 90% of the island.

    We need to address our problems internally, not cry to the global world.

    Kumar is both a Trinity and Sri Lankan LION. My expectations of him and how he maximised his opportunity was disappointing. Many of you know very well how the west works. The buggers must have laughed at us after in private.

    That much I know is true.

    What a wanker unfortunately does come to mind?

    • Gayana says:

      Sangakkara’s speech at Lords – Desperate measures are called for.
      Kumar Sangakkara is an eloquent man, a natural charmer, a sportsman and a diplomat, the latter because the responsibility was thrust upon him. The speech was captivating. Coming from the heart it pierced hearts.
      I have no doubt that Marcus Antonius would have used the occasion to gain great things for Rome. But he was a politician, and chose ambassadorship. Socrates teaches us that “philosopher kings” who do not choose their stations, but are given great responsibility, are the best. I believe that he spoke of people like Sangakkara. He is a cricketer, and his words will be heard as a cricketers. It was not his first choice to speak. Speaking on behalf of his people, he did what he thought was best for his people. We may think that we can decide what Cricket needs, but we don’t have first hand experience. He does. It is true that Sri Lankans wash their dirty linen in public, but sometimes this is necessary. Personaly, I do not know whether this was necessary now, but knowing his background in life, and more importantly, listening to his speech, I believe that he has the brains and naturally the brawn to make this decision. I trust him, because he is, I believe, a philosopher king.

  2. […] as captain, with Tillakaratne Dilshan being appointed as skipper. . Kumar Sangakkara delivered the 11th MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord’s on Monday 4 July […]

  3. Nike says:

    Thank goodness some bloggers can write. My thanks for this blog post!!

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