Pass it on when you’re done with it – Sri Lanka Eye Donation Society

Posted: April 6, 2011 in Uncategorized


Man : giggling [sound]

Blind Boy : Why ? What’s so funny

Man : I beg your pardon ?

Blind Boy : You were laughing…

Man : It’s something i read in this book…

Blind Boy : What was it ?

Man : Well, a man sees another man limping towards him and asks “Why you are limping ?” . The limping man replies, “Because i have a toothache”

Blind Boy & Man : giggling…

Blind Boy : When you’re done, can you give it to me ?

Man : (confused) the book ?

Blind Boy : No,

the eyes !

once your eyes have finishes seeing, pass them on

….. there’s always someone waiting

Call 2 692 051


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