Ricky Ponting smashes TV

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Uncategorized
Ricky Ponting smashes TV - World Cup 2011

Ricky Ponting smashes TV - World Cup 2011

There has been some news stating that the Australia cricket captain Ricky Ponting smashed a television set after his early dismissal during a class A World Cup match against Zimbabwe

Rajesh Patel, the secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association has informed the International Cricket Council as well as the Australian team management about the incident. yet Ponting or the Aussie cricket association hasn’t apologized for his uncouth  behavior.

As usual when questioned the Australian media manager, Lachy Patterson, said he was not aware of any such incident :P. I guess the TV malfunctioned on its own. (One could think that it was a cheap ‘Made in India’ television set, that could malfunction on its own :O )

I don’t mind the apology, i hope the Aussies would replace it with another TV. Bad sportsmanship indeed !!

  1. Mossytime says:

    Ricky Ponting finally hit something. Shame it was a TV. It seems there’s one thing all cricket fans agree on, how much they hate Ricky Ponting.

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