kiribath.wordpress One Year and Counting

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized
Kiribath one year and still counting

Kiribath one year and counting

It was 365 days back, where i started this blog, and ever since then i post my feelings in the form of articles in this blog. Most of the blog post were about what i feel about the people around me. however, i have never written a single post to hit another individual, yet sadly some thinks so. There were so called back stabbers were spreading rumors, and commenting on some of my articles to create a bad impression thus tarnish the image of this blog.

I made new friends through this blog, and i also lost a few too. I consider friendship is about who come and never leave my side. So i’m quite happy to throw away the people who left me (my blog)  as i was able to identify the real set of friends who will be with me hereafter. Once again i want to say that i have no beef with anyone of you, and i only write what i feel, non of the post are meant to directly or indirectly tarnish the image of any individual or any organization in any way.

Over the year the blog was able to attract over 13,000 views, and LOL over 1300 spam comments. BTW this is my 50th post and i have lot to celebrate about it 😀 . Thank you everyone who visits my blog, and a special thanks to each and every subscriber to this blog for your support over the year. I will be posting more interesting blog articles so hope you would still be with me over the years to come.

In other news there have been some rumors about that President Mubarak has resigned \m/, and that too hapend on a day like today, where kiribath.wordpress is celebrating one year of blogging :D. It’s a historic day !

– Kiribath

  1. Miana says:

    You got a very nice blog . all the best

  2. KBS says:

    Congratz bro..go ahead with your valuable thoughts…it was really nice to read most of your articles…

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