Unbowed and Unafraid – Lasantha Wickrematunge

Posted: January 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lasantha Wickrematunge 2nd year anniversary

Lasantha Wickrematunge 2nd year anniversary

Image credit to Perambara.org

Lasantha was shot while he was on his way to work at around 10:30 a.m, on 8 January 2009. Today it marks his 2nd year death anniversary. according to parambara.org colleagues, relatives and loved once took part in a prayer service held to commemorate the 2nd death anniversary of Lasantha at his grave today.

quoting from Perambara ‘There was not much of a crowd, may be around 50, 60. There were no politicians who Lasantha had helped so much. I can remember when one of his relatives passed away sometime in 2003 how they trooped into his house. That was when he was alive.

Only a handful of family, friends and colleagues had gathered. Not surprisingly there was no representation from any mainstream newspaper, TV station or radio. No one from the Sri Lanka Press Institute, that is there to safe guard the rights of the media, bothered to turn up. The Free Media Movement and the Working Journalists Association was there.
On the second anniversary of his brutal murder Lasantha it seems had been forgotten by all but the very few to whom he was dear.’

This is Sri Lanka, what more do we expect. We forget great men once they are no use for us.

This is even applicable in our day to day life, we find opportunistic friends taking advantage of our strengths and later dump us once we are weak. I guess Lasantha failed to identify true friends.


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