Having pets is a form of animal abuse

Posted: December 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
Animal abuse in zoo

Animal abuse in zoo

We belong to the animal kingdom. if you have any doubts about that use google. In the recent past i saw many activist shouting animal rights slogans, creating awareness and making an appeal to protect animals from slaughtering. This so called activist has won some sought of a respect from me, as i think all living beings should be treated equaly.

Animals are abused not only by slaughtering, there are other means where animals are being abused in day to day life. Animals should not be caged for our entertainement. The zoo has the largest number of caged animals, and we see animals being abused there in a daily basis. I consider visiting the zoo would encourage zoo officials to cage more animals.

having Pets is a form of animal abuse

having Pets is a form of animal abuse

We have pets at our homes, and pets are not meant to be caged or tamed for our entertainment. People might give various reasons to defend this arguiment, yet its clear that having pets is also a form of animal abuse. If you have pets in your home, please do free them, they belong to the wild and not for your entertainment.

If the animals ruled the world, how do you feel being caged as in the following image;

if animals ruled the world

if animals ruled the world

Stop being selfish ! Act now ! stop animal abuse !

  1. Suresh says:

    Not everyone keeps their pets locked in cages 24/7. You should get your facts straight before attempting to preach to people and sound all holier than thou!

    • Jamie says:

      Why do we keep pets? specially because we feel happy to have pets around that we can love and care for, but for some having a pet certainly improves the quality of life. Others might interprit this as they are doing the animal a favor by caring and loving it. For instance a dog has claws and sharp teeth to hunt for its pray but the so called pet lovers, feed it with dog food, preventing it self from hunting its own pray and trapped in a domestic environment. This doesn’t sound right, in fact it has violated the freedom of that animal.

      another instance would be having a bird as your pet. Obviously it should be caged. Birds are gifted with wings not to sit in cages. For me it doesn’t sound fair.

      Try Imagining your self to that situation, hopefully you’ll understand !

      • Chriss says:

        What a silly young thing you are, do get your facts right as previous emailer said. I agree with not keeping wild animals caged but Zoo’s are more about protecting species from becoming extinct now. If you were to free Budgies which have been kept in large avaries they would be killed instantly by the wild birds & eaten. Dogs chose us, not the other way around dill ! go to the villages in remote places & the first thing you will see are dogs that have domesticated themselves for an easier life. Not everything is cut & dried & black & white read the grey areas too. Go travel the world & come back a better & more imformed person instead of careering off on this silly campaign of yours, there are great ways to help animals, go to Sumatra & help the Orangatangs they are our closest DNA & can’t speak for themselves. Go help the black bears fight for their lives in cages in China & Korea. Do something instead of just piping off.

  2. Robyn says:

    Are you serious?
    What do you think would happen if you set your poodle loose in Chicago?
    I’m with you on the not-caging wild animals bit… but things like dogs are not wild animals. They have been bred to be domestic and they would not survive in the wild.

  3. […] what about the question of keeping an animal as pets in general? Depends on who you ask. There are those who will say that keeping any being in a cage is cruel. Others will focus on the benefits (for the human AND the […]

  4. Mark says:

    I definitely agree that having pets is a form of animal abuse. Most people don’t realize this because they’re so selfish. An idea that “dogs chose us, not the other way around” is one of the most idiotic and absurd comments I’ve ever heard. Does s/he think that cats, fish, birds, lizards, snakes, and other animals that people keep as pets just “chose us”? What a nonsense.

    People have pets because they can’t be satisfied with stuffed animals. They say that “animals are just like us.” Really? How would you like to be kept in a fish bowl or a bird cage? How would you like to be brainwashed like a dog to do tricks for another species? Better yet, how would you like to be led to have sex with a specific individual (chosen by another species) to create a certain human “breed”?

  5. Isaiah Frye says:

    This is just stupid. Some people actually have pets because they love them, like another family member. Not just for entertainment. If you want to let a pet, that has grown dependent on humans through out the domestication process that started in ancient times, free with out any way of getting food or shelter for themselves, then go ahead and let the animal die because you thought it had to be free. Apparently living a life where you’re allowed to go to a dog park and play with other dogs, sleep in a safe, warm home with others who love you, get free food you don’t have to scavenge for, and not be caged and allow to do what you want is abuse.

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