ODEL stop treating HUMANS as STRAY DOGS

Posted: December 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have plenty of exams, Courseworks and assignments, but yet keeping all of those aside I thought to write about this disgraceful incident that took place at ODEL in September. All of you might be aware of this incident but I thought to view my thoughts on this too.

Otara Chandiram Chief executive at ODEL is a well known business entrepreneur in Sri Lanka. She ventured into selling garments from the boot of her car and then she opened ODEL department store which was a great success.

Otara is involved in many environmental and animal welfare activities. Some of these include work for Habitat for Humanity International and World Animal Day. Her Facebook profile highlights her attempts to help stray dogs, and this eventually made her more famous.

All of her hard work and fame she gained over years were washed away as soon as ODEL started to treat Human beings as a stray dog.

A well-known Sri Lankan Actress who was caught shoplifting by Otara’s security guards made her to kneel down and photographed her upon arresting. Later these photographs were released to the media. This inhuman act carried out by Otara’s guards at ODEL, has eventually violated the actresses human rights. She should take legal action and sue the ODEL chain for making her kneel and photographing her without her consent. This might not be the only incident that had taken place at ODEL, there might had been ordinary people who had undergone this retarded treatment of ODEL. Actually if the government of Sri Lanka approves such an act Sri Lanka wouldn’t need a judiciary system. Saves money indeed 😀 .

The only intention of publishing this image is to demonstrate how the victim was treated at ODEL (and not to tarnish the image of the victim.)

Actress humiliated at ODEL

The only intention of publishing this image is to demonstrate how the victim was treated at ODEL (and not to tarnish the image of the victim.)

Shame on you ODEL !!!

I’m only viewing my opinion here, hope Otara and ODEL could learn from their mistake and make sure nothing like this hapence in the future.

Furthermore this post doesn’t mean to promote Shoplifting, ODEL was able to capture the culprit successfully. Hats off to the ODEL security team for that. Such culprits should be punished by the law, and not by the ODEL security force :D, that’s the whole point of this post. There are mails circulating to boycott ODEL products, if the public do so they will be encouraging shoplifters. This is insane. Hope the public make the right decision and stand against all shoplifters therefore reducing crime in Sri Lanka.

  1. here’s the scene according to reports this so called actress had been their #1 suspect for quite sometime but they never caught her in the act. Also she didn’t steal something like a single blouse, skirt, or denim that costs between 2k-4k.
    She had stolen about 10k or more worth of merchandise and not in one occasion but many. So there you go.

    I too feel sad for her but she should have known this kinda of shit can only be pulled at No limit or somewhere. She didn’t for second think about her stature or her husband’s who happens to be a doctor in a reputed hospital.

    Shame on her. Especially being a grown woman and mind you she was no kid also this kinda humiliation was done to stop things like this from happening future.
    This after all is our beloved country Sri lanka where people never learn from their mistakes.
    A good lesson for us all. =)
    Just my opinion no beef intended

  2. rohini says:

    I agree with this comment. All her fans keep criticizing Odel and her staff, but this sort of thing is good to stop shoplifting in future. Surely if she cannot afford to pay for the items, or if she thinks Odels prices are way too high, why shop at Odel at all?? She should have known what would happen to her if and when she gets caught, and everyday is not christmas!!. Is she so mentally retarded to think that she can get away doing this kind of shit all the time. She has been caught on Odels CCTV cameras as behaving in a suspicious manner on previous occasions. So when she finally arrived at Odel the staff would have thought this is the chance to catch the woman red handed and take a pic of her or else she would have denied having shoplifted. 3 cheers to you Odel staff

  3. Maheshika says:

    What ever the thing she may have done, Ottara and the odel guys cannot take the law to their hand. May be Ottara is one the the most successful businesswomen in the country, What right does she have to let her staff behave in this manner,,,, Shame on you Ottara

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