We need a new Social Network ? *Participate in the survey*

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Uncategorized
Social Media

Social Media

Don’t you think that its time for a change, we have been using Facebook, Myspace and many other similar types of social networks for awhile I think we need an innovative social media that will be more interactive than FB it self.

There was a time where Myspace was dominating in the social media industry, and then FB took over. FB was sucessfull as they offerred innovative interactive solutions that were not seen in Myspace or anyother, thus finally dominating the Social media industry.
There are certain issues that are not addressed in FB, and it needs to be fixed soon. There’s a project called BRAiNDECK, that introduces some algorythems to solve these issues. The blogger request your kind assistance in participating in the survey that is put up as part of the requirement gathering process for the said project.

You could pass the link to the survey to your family, friends, colleagues at work etc. and help them view their thoughts in regard to this.

spread the word…


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