Kissing in public

Posted: July 13, 2010 in Uncategorized
Kissing in Public

Kissing in Public

Well, today I got a different type of a post, I have never written such stuff, but I thought to raise this issue to see if others think the same about it. I know, I know you might be puzzling, and anxiously biting nails to hear what I got to say ….. 😀 or maybe, you might be saying to yourself “just say the thing you gotta say, we got work to do”. Anyway without any more suspense’s (and eventually getting beaten up if I meet one of you on the road), I’ll tell you what I experienced today.

All you readers might had read the headline in almost all the newspapers that Sri Lankan police have rounded up young lovers for kissing in public in the kurunegala area, and there released without charges after informing their parents, well that’s the worst part of it. I am quite ok if I was pressed with charges rather than informing parents about it, it sounds more hell than going to jail. Anyway I don’t think that would happen to me, I’m single and consider this stupid.

In  Kolpity you find a lot of people kissing in public, and specially young adults. No one says anything about it, NO ONE. Each and every day I get to see someone kissing in public. Why Me !!!!!

I am not talking about the so called “Umbrella Lovers”, who shelter under parasols in scorching sun along the Galle Face green, or near the Beire lake, I am talking about the big shots, who are in cars, and open air restaurants. Hmmm…… on second thought, I don’t directly oppose this, as long as I get to enjoy the scene free of charge (lol I was joking). Anyway jokes apart, i want to make the point clear that everyone should be treated equally, If one could roundup couples in Kurunagala, they should roundup the couples in kolpity too. Sri Lanka as one nation should not maintain any double standards. All should be treated equally. This even could lead to another war, Lovers Vs Singles 😀 lol.

I am not saying that kissing in public is bad, and it should be banned with immediate effect, actually I don’t care if people kiss in public, as long everyone is treated equally. What do you think… should we ban kissing in public, or allow it? Comment.

  1. කොලූ says:

    Humans by general are not very nice group of animals and they are not capable of engage in nice acts in regular basis, but kissing other hand one of the most beautiful act among very few pleasing acts humans are capable of. It happens rarely and briefly. When that sparks, for a tiny millisecond, heart leap in to dangerous happiness and bliss. And happiness and bliss my friend, meant only to be find in religion, therefore kissing and other such activities which may possibly make an another human being heavenly, should be discouraged using utmost power and police brutality.

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