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Posted: July 10, 2010 in Uncategorized
Change you want

Change you want

At the end of another academic year I expected a change that would make some difference in me, and I changed to someone I never imagined being. Instead of being the hardworking, better, faster and stronger person, I became a softworking, worse, slow and weak person (in a nutshell LAZYyyy – scratching, yawn Zzzzzzz….. ).

A particular friend of mine, use to comment on my willingness to change, as I use to tell that I am going to change from this minute. LOL… I even try to change the way I speak and the way I behave once I have changed, yet it’s temporary.

The concept of change is deeply rooted in the history of humanity whether it be the animals, the climate, or the people. So I don’t think that it’s wrong to have a change in life. We had a cat home, and usually cats use to cover their pee with sand once they pee, but our fellow just pee’s where ever it think it should (-_-). It has changed from the customary way of peeing: D. so why not a human change the way they are. Don’t misunderstand what I am trying to express, I am not asking you to pee where ever you think, yet change is inevitable especially over long periods of time, but even with numerous changes the same basic fundamentals of life still holds true.

Barak Obama had a change, the change that makes a difference. He won the race by being the president of America. Here’s a story that inspired me and no doubt it would inspire you;

We can make a Change

We can make a Change

Neal Kornreich, 12, a precinct captain for the Barack Obama campaign in Boulder, With a mop of curly brown hair and a jeans that are a bit too short for his still-sprouting runner’s legs (as described in the rockymountainnews website), Neal stood out in the call center encouraging voters to vote for Obama. He was the only one whose voice has yet to change. When questioned by voters about his age, he has an answer ready.

“I can’t vote,” he’ll say, “so I hope you’ll do it for me.” LoL isn’t this simply awesome for a 12 year old to say.

Neal says George W. Bush has occupied the White House since he was in preschool, so he says “Barack Obama is the politician he’ve been looking for the past eight years.” Without prompting, he wrote a three page letter to Obama, mentioning the issues that mean the most to him – the environment, the United States’ reputation in the world, and stem-cell research. He didn’t expect a reply.

Shortly afterward, a terrible bicycle accident left him in a wheelchair. As he struggled to learn to walk again, his mother, Jeanette, remembered one of his therapists asking him about his greatest fear.

“That I’ll live an average life,” he said. “I want to make a difference.”

Within days of that conversation, a personal letter arrived with Barack Obama’s signature – a letter that read, in part, “I leave you with three bits of advice that will make your life more fulfilling: Look out for other people, even when it does not directly benefit you; strive to make a difference everywhere you go; and get back up every time you are knocked down.”

“Whenever I felt bad, I would read it,” Neal said. “and those lines were always inspirational.”

Isn’t this inspirational as readers we could take a lot to our lives with that quote of Obama.

I think I have been knocked down by being me all these days, I even thought of quitting the next academic year, so here I am knocked down, and as Obama says I should get back up and strive to make a difference hereinafter. 😀

I should submit a project proposal which is due on Monday; so far ideas coming and ideas going, I have been having a very agile mindset that changes between ideas. I guess the change has affected me the most. :P. I need a favor from you readers, I need to get hold of some project idea that relates to disability in the medical field. (I need to know an existing problem that relates to disability)

For example >

“A blind person is capable of reading a newspaper, but not reading images.” . Finding a solution for this problem is my task, so you need not think about a solution.

Another example would be “A physically disabled person can’t travel to the hospital for treatment as he/she is a disable”. And if your ideas are worth considering, I will look for a technological solution and implement it within the next 9 months.

So as Obama said “Look out for other people, even when it does not directly benefit you; strive to make a difference everywhere you go”, I hope you’ll suggest me with some  topics that will help me with my project. Please send in your thoughts to kiribath2@gmail.com . that’s my email ID. And I don’t mind if you load it with project ideas, but NO SPAM PLEASE.

BTW do you like my new kiribath theme ??

  1. shehan says:

    Theme is good boii. much better than the previous one, anyway check your inbox, i sent u some stuff (not what u asked for but some thing u might need) 😉 😉

  2. Windy says:

    Hmmmmmmmmmm Mr kiribath i really don’t like your new theme. This out look makes my head spinning while i m reading ur posts and mmmmm yes honestly i don’t like this one the old one was much better.

  3. DD says:

    “get back up every time you are knocked down.” — a very inspiraional message delivered, and it inspired me. thanks for the post

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