After Roytho Rugby had dinner with Nadeeka Perera

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
Royal Thomian Rugby Score Board

Royal Thomian Rugby Score Board

There’s nothing like watching a Saturday rugby match, today it was with Royal and the tradition rival St. Thomas. Almost all the crazy chicks in town geared up waiting for this event to take place, this particular encounter is not only about Rugby, but fashion leads the way.

I wore my souvenir Royal T-shirt, and marched on to Royal Sports complex with a few Royalist. I think more than 40% of the total crowd was girls, dressed to kill in all kinds of fashion accessories hanging from all corners of their body (Confused didn’t know girls loved rugby that much), anyway I didn’t see them watching the match, they were attracted to other stuff in the ground. There was this incident that happened, and boy it was funny….. There was this girl, who was not watching the match, she was busy looking at other things (u know what ….. GUYS), and got hit by a ball, and later she cried out loud “He hit me …. ”, lol, there were a lot of laughs at the open tiers at Royal Sports Complex.

St. Thomas opened the match by scoring the first try of the day, and ever since then the match was in Royals way, Royal took all its opportunities to mark points on the board. But, I was a bit concerned with the way some players performed this season, I think Royal will have a tough time at the 2nd leg of the Bradby unless all the players perform to their best. There was one player (I don’t want to mention the name), who had a sexy walk throughout the match, he never ran faster this season, and he tackles a person very rarely, maybe he is concerned of getting himself injured. This guy should be replaced. Wink (You know who has a sexy run in the grounds)

Number 14 for Royal played a superb game with the captain who wears a pink boot (sources say the boot is worth more than 40000 bucks despite its PINK in colour – unconfirmed). So as a rugby reviewer Royal could easily win the Bradby if they improve on their passes, and of course replace the player with the sexy catwalk. Royal take my advice here….

Loosing in whatever Royal Thomian encounter is emotionally tough, at the last minute a Thomian had a blast against a Royal player and ended up in the sin bin. The referee Dilroy Fernando got another chance to play as the referee of the match despite he was thrown to be the flagman in the Bradby first leg. This was disgraceful, yet there should be ups and downs in life.

Dinner with Nadeeka Perera

Dinner with Nadeeka Perera

For dinner we went to this Chinese place in Colpity called Mao’s Chinese restaurant, it was actually a Chinese style egg that we took as takeaway and then to dinner at another resturant, I would like to comment on this egg that we bought, it was fried with green chillie and wrapped with a lot of leaves and sunk in a soup (Well… it tasted like shit). We saw Nadeeka Perera with her friend (hoooooooot) when we went for dinner, her friend had to leave her alone and hang around with another set of friends I guess, and anyway Nadeeka was alone. I thought she was dark, but she had some colour, tall as nothing, I think she’s at least 1 or 2 inch taller than me (I’m 5 ‘8). She ordered Indian food, and ate like a cow, she was munching it, may be the food tasted awful. Despite the topic of this post says “After Roytho rugby match had dinner with Nadeeka Perera” , we didn’t sit at the same table, hehe… but opposite tables. Had a close observation of all what she did at dinner, noted and recorded. Well….. She seemed to be a down to earth person, simple and that’s what all a person should be. I have seen people with swollen heads and forget the past as soon as they reach a level in life, but I guess Nadeeka is not that type, correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyway I had dinner with Nadeeka Perera, even though we sat in opposite tables, and here goes another expensive Saturday of my life, I lost a lot of cash this weekend, hope everything turns out well next week.

  1. Windy says:

    Well i wish Nadeeka would read this post.

  2. Windy says:

    it was fried with green chillie and wrapped with a lot of leaves and sunk in a soup (Well… it tasted like shit) Hmmmmmmmm by the way why do u always have to eat things like shit?????

  3. SnoopyGirl says:

    I have visited your blog once before as well, it is funny the way you put in certain things. hehe

    btw, who accompanied Nadeeka the hotttttty you mentioned 😉

  4. IceMan says:

    Give me back my 10 mins for reading this…

  5. MyKarapincha says:

    Hey, the same kind of incident happened to me with Sachini Ayendra at GFH like two/three years ago. Wow she was so sexy in her osariya…. Shit, I was reluctant to have a word with her. I can’t call it ‘nervous’ though…

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