Walking while Talking and Talking while Walking

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized
Victory Day in Sri Lanka

Victory Day in Sri Lanka

Had a few near death experience in the past couple of weeks, to name a few, I almost fell from the foot board of a bus and gulping drinking yogurt with Geckos poo are a few. It seems like someone wants me dead, and on the other hand someone wants me alive. Dead or Alive, I’m still living my natural life. Each day I face new challenges, most of the time I face a lot of challenges that would eventually put me down. Staying there and finding the solution is hectic, yet I enjoy it as life is all about facing challenges.

Today is victory day in Sri Lanka, unlike the Memorial Day in United States, the Sri Lankan government didn’t declare a holiday for mercantile sector, most probably for the fact that Sri Lanka has at least two holidays per month. In the morning while walking towards the bus stand to catch the bus for work, I saw nearly 300 to 600 people walking on Galle Road, some were on their mobile phones and some were walking really fast bumping on each other, I have never seen anything like this before, it seemed to be like I was in New York to see this large number of people walking to work. The view was magnificent.

It has been 1 year now since the war is over, and it’s safe to travel all around Sri Lanka even by foot, you could talk while you’re walking or walk while you’re talking, it makes no difference and this was what it looked like this morning. Eventually as I reached the bus stand my initial theory claimed to be wrong, the roads were closed for the victory parade, therefore the 300 to 600 people that I saw had to walk from Bambalapitya Junction to Colpity Junctions since busses were not allowed. They were grumbling while they were walking that proves my theory of walk while talking and talking while walking. Sad, I too had to walk up to university of Colombo to get a bus.

Anyway despite victory parades, my whole week has been full of challenges, and I was able to face most of it, and yes there are loads inline to be solved in weeks to come. Sigh… I’m living with a hope, hoping for my Victory day to approach soon.

  1. Windy says:

    Phew! Too much for one poor guy i guess.

  2. Windy says:

    I think Geckos POOOOOOOOOO has given u a lot of energy to face all these troubles.:)

  3. Windy says:

    Noooooooo how can i ever think such a wonderful writer like u to die! No wayyyyyyyy

  4. Windy says:

    hmmmmmm i think u better check ur horoscope. By the way i don’t think u r more than 60yrs.

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