Amitabh Bachchan most likely to skip IIFA Colombo 2010

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan will not be attending the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) Awards scheduled to be held in Colombo from June 3-5.

“I am not going to IIFA,” Bachchan tweeted in reply to a query about his plans. He did not provide any reason for his decision.

Later in his blog, Bachchan wrote that he would respect everyone’s sentiments.

“The sentiments of all must be respected and I hope that we can plan and execute that with understanding, peace and grace,” the actor posted on his blog referring to the protests by Tamil groups.

“A Tamil group picketed my houses, asking me to not conduct IIFA in Sri Lanka. I beckoned personnel from Wiz (Wizcraft) who own and conduct IIFA, to come and meet me to discuss this matter and give it due importance,” Bachchan wrote in his response to the protests.

“I believe Wizcraft personnel met representatives of this protest presentation along with the police personnel that came over from the Juhu Police station, heard what they had to say, accepted a petition given by them, explained to them their side of the story and told them that the governing body of the event would meet immediately to conference on this matter and reach some kind of final path and solution.”

IIFA 2010, meant to showcase Sri Lanka’s emergence from 30 years of civil strife, is fast turning into a bone of contention with some groups in South India expressing their displeasure over the choice of the venue. The event has already drawn the ire of the Tamil film fraternity, with popular figures like Rajnikanth, Kamal Hassan, Vijay, Ajith and Surya refusing to be associated in any way with IIFA.

(source ndtv)

Who’s next ???

  1. IceMan says:

    Now we know for sure that this no good Tamil groups are clear supporters of Terrorism. The only reason they are boycotting this event and forcing other major Bollywood actors to stay away from IIFA is because the LTTE tamil terrorist group who is responsible for the death of nearly 80000, was defeated last year by the Sri Lankan government.

    Instead of showing support and being thankful for stopping the war and saving thousands of lives (mostly tamils), these tamil Actors (Warmonger) are encouraging terrorism..

  2. Dee says:

    that’s sad.

  3. Londoner says:

    Good decision. Blood bathign Sinhalese government wants to shopw to the world all is well, while thousands of Tamil families are separated, lost lifes, limbs and thrown apart. Boycott Bollywood if Bollywood does not boycott SriLanka

    • mala wikara says:

      Who da hell did all those thngs to ur bloddy ppl (tamils) dats non othr than prabakaran the idiot the flesh eatrer.nw tamils hav saved thr lives alot.this wrld mst kil the ppl like u frst

  4. Jamie says:

    We should forgive the mistakes and wrongdoings one has committed, and work together to bring peace for the people in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka belongs to SRI LANKANS, namely Sinhalese Tamils Muslims and Christians.

    Hope everyone understands this, as its affecting the lives of the people in Sri Lanka.

    Don’t boycott IIFA, let it happen !

    – Jamie for Kiribath –

  5. mala wikara says:

    Damn ltte supporters
    sri lanka nw has no war the gvnmnt has defeated them n brght peace… da bolywod stars cn cm @ anytym.v feel sad abt u srk aish abhi preity rani saif and all othr superiors 😦
    This is vry bad.u dont knw hw mch srilankans lov u 😦

  6. ballo says:

    Curse you LTTE bastards who kill innocent people and show a false innocent face to the world.
    drug dealing,killing for the sake of your own kind and the people who refuse terrorism are blood thirsty. if you come to sri lanka you will see the real picture. if you have been in sri lanka you will know how unfair it has been for the Sinhalese where tamils had the upper hand everywhere despite them being the minority. how they made the majority suffer. out sides please shut up. you don’t have a clue as to what happened in sri lanka

  7. Mohan Bhargava says:

    This is disgusting, and these are the indian icons. Mr Bachchan should have known the problems we are with respect to terrorism for years now. And then too he fails to respect Sri Lanka’s act on solving their problem within their country.

    Man, this is really a disgrace.

    And i think this is all for Abhihek’s film “Raavana”, anyways no one wants to watch Abhishek, and now Amitabh had put him in the same category.

    I am ashamed that i was ever a AMitabh fan….

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