Shah Rukh Khan out of IIFA Colombo 2010

Posted: May 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
Shah Rukh Khan skips IIFA Colombo

Shah Rukh Khan skips IIFA Colombo

Actor Shah Rukh Khan, who was supposed to be the star attraction at this year’s IIFA awards in Colombo from June 3-5, has decided to give the event a miss according to his tweet.

“I don’t think I will be able to come for IIFA…too much work here, will miss Colombo,” SRK tweeted.

Apart from this, SRK is suppose to captain the Bollywood team in a friendly cricket match against the Sri Lanka. Hrithik Roshan will now captain the Bollywood 11.

For now, three star attractions namely Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan won’t be attending the IIFA gala event in Colombo. Wonder who might be next in the list ……..

  1. George says:

    Such a shame.Hope they change their mind and fly down atleast for a day.

  2. Magesh says:

    It is sad they pull out last moment when a host country puts so much into it. It is a disgrace when you do it to a host country. It is like you are invited for dinner and at the 11th hour you just drop off. Locally it is acceptable but not in a foreign country.

  3. Fan of SRK says:

    No SRK No worth of IIFA

    • Desh says:

      I agree. Cannot really blame him for not attending either. Last time he was in sri lanka was not a pleasant experience

  4. kushi says:

    oh please SRK should come atleast for the cricket match,Srilankans are waiting to see him,he will see the biggest SRK fans out of all the other countries here.SRK gonna miss it…

  5. dush says:

    no srk !!!!!
    oh no it just mean d@ there’s no value of iifa
    hope he’ll change his mind

  6. ruwi says:

    i wish he was there it will definitely make the evening more colorful.

  7. Chaminda says:

    Ohhh SRK !!!!!

  8. Rangana says:

    Well….things going well at iffa Collombo..Without SRk & bachchans..No Problem at all…& U Missed 2010 iffa..heeee

  9. Proud to Be a Sri Lankan! says:

    Sod off Sharuk and Amitabh as well (expected more from him), guess your not an industry icon after all…. Don’t think Sri Lankans missed anything. At least have the decency to give prior notice! After all His Excellency the President Hosted them so warmly. They should stand up for the fact that the war is over and its time to stop whining and getting on with life if those protesters are so concerned then stop picketing and do something to help the tamil people… stupid attention needers! and as for all u SRK groupies in SL stop whining and donate whatever money u would have spent to see him to help the IDP’ these bigots we’re better than they are! – Proud to be a Sri Lankan.

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