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Otara Chandiram checking a text message

Otara Chandiram checking a text message

I had a very rare opportunity to have a tiny chit chat with Otara Chandiram. Yeah… the real Otara Chandiram form ODEL. I made use of the opportunity to the max to know about her and also to get a T Shirt 50% off.

Yaiii ….. 50 % OFF……… should had asked for more, anyway I didn’t expect her to agree on it, but strange that she did. I was able to gather some information about this great businesswoman. She sounded friendly, and was very careful of what she was saying, while answering some questions; I assume that there were people coaching her to answer some questions. She received several text messages In between here and there, probably a warning or the answer for that question. She too got great insights about ODEL, as in complains about ODEL, I told her about the Exclusive Lines perfumes which were sold with the caps unsealed were ½ used, and according to her this issue will be solved after consulting Exclusive Lines it self.

Anyway, Otara loves dogs. She has one whole website dedicated for dogs, emabark.lk. Part of the profit of the sale of embarks goods, goes to a fund to help stray dogs. On a request by me she showed one of her dogs. A black and white one (it seemed to look like a stray dog), even though the dog looked shit, I agreed to the fact that it was cute. She is involved in a lot of charity, helping the poor’s, the sick and the unfortunate; she did mention that her business funds the Chithra Lane School of special needs and some cancer charity program (I can’t remember how she was involved in it).

When I questioned her for a reason as to why she’s involved in cancer funding, she told about her father’s demise, from cancer 2 years back, but it seems she was involved in various cancer related charity programs even before her father’s death.

She likes to keep herself fit and healthy, but when questioned on her balanced nourished diet, she said “I would like to but I cheat often”, her type of food was Italian, where it was my worst choice (I know, you wudn’t dare care to find out what my type of food ). Pasta seems to be my worst choice of food, but it turned out to be her favorite. If I date her it would be a very tough time, imagine me eating PaSaTa. Yakkk

The gradual development of the concept of Odel began when Otara started selling clothes from the boot of her car to family and friends, and it was in 1990 she launched Sri Lanka’s most innovative brand – Odel. She has had a very humble start, and now a business tycoon in the apparel industry.

I have been writing a lot of good instead of bad about ODEL, and hope she keeps up to her promise by giving me 50% off on a T-Shirt.

  1. Sheryl says:

    She will never give u a T for 50% off. dream dream dream. and she wont date u 😛

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