I am Sick

Posted: May 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am sick, came home vomiting, and i felt dizzy on my way home i thought that i might faint some where, so i took the shortest road to reach home. Glad i didn’t faint in the road.

As i reached home i started to vomit. Then had a lime, hoping it might chill me up. But until now i still have the vomit feeling. To add to this, i got a headache too. this seems to be the icing over the cake.
Mom gave me some tablets to ease the vomit feeling, and to get rid of the headache, but until now non seemed to work. 😦 .

I was asked not to use the computer tonight, and rest the night. But, i don’t feel sleepy. Some thing is wrong some where. So i stayed and stayed until the lights goes off in my moms room so i could sneak in to the computer and spend some time online until i fall asleep. So here i’m successful enough to update my blog.

I wonder why am i not feeling sleepy, other days by now, i use to yawn at this night. Today nothing seems to be happening. So here am i writing this pointless blog, hoping i would yawn anytime.

Hmmm……. Since i have nothing to write here, and also for the thing that i am not feeling sleepy, i thought to think about the topic ‘LIFE’.
I have just noticed that nothing in life in permanent, happiness, sorrow, wealth , or the food we eat is not permanent.

We might be happy today, but sad tomorrow. Thats life. Its boring indeed. i was just wandering about the food we eat. We use to spend a hell lot on the quality of the food we eat, we go to places where they serve the most high standard and mouth watering food, but the next morning we do flush it out from our toilets. Sad indeed, thinking of the money we spent for the food we consumed.

Anyway what are your thoughts on life ?

  1. sam says:

    Agree with what you say. nothing is permanant in life.

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