Walked with Shiranthi Rajapaksa at Galle Face

Posted: April 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Colombo is a very safe city, could walk talk or dance on the street
Colombo is a very safe city, could walk talk or dance on the street

Last week was the horrible 7 days I spent. Despite the new year holiday there hadn’t been any good for me, I caught the viral flu, and was in bed for more than 4 days and dialog didn’t give me there promotional offer after I reloaded 200/=. After complaining several times I received an email apologizing for the mistake, but when I asked them to reload back the value of the calls and sms’s  I took during that period, they replied that I have not taken any calls or sent any sms during the promotional period, well this is bull shit… anyway I have no strength to fight them back, so I decided to put my guns on the ground as I can’t shoot them anymore. Sad indeed.

So so…. I decided to go for my weekly beach run after 1 week of suffering and torturer from a brutal virus attack to my body. When the cool sea breeze brushed my face and the view of the sea waves were stunning and will have one thinking you have landed somewhere in the Mediterranean. Well…. I love to describe Galle Face this way, but…. In the mornings Galle Face is a whole maze of shit. Polythene bags fly all over the green, and tons and tons of plastics bottles lies along the beach. Sad Sri Lankans don’t give a damn about the environment.

After walking about a mile or so, giving myself a warm up, I saw this person with a dog, sniffing the Galle Face walk, and behind him there were loads of girls with track bottoms and t shirts. I thought it might be some sports team walking behind the man who is taking his dog for a walk. Meanwhile , I was looking at this dog, it was sniffing the Galle Face walk, I thought the man was taking his dog for a walk. Behind that stood a lady, for awhile I stopped and was wandering ‘Kawde bole mei Alice ?? ’ It was none other than the first lady Shiranthi Rajapaksa. Well… I have never seen her on the Galle Face walk before; I guess she’s the newest member of the GFW (Galle Face Walkers). She only walked a short distance and gone the next minute. Anyway it was great to see Shiranthi Rajapaksa in the Galle Face walk, and it gives us a guarantee that the country is in safe hands, Yes … true freedom indeed (wink).

What I think is that being an icon in the society is a pain in the ass, I had the freedom to walk or run whatever direction I liked, but in the case of the First Lady she has to follow the sniffing dog.  This might be a security measure but still it lacks freedom. I was just wandering, what happens if the sniffing dog forgets to do its job (sniffing) and leads its way to a garbage truck hmmm….. So for this reason, I made a decision, not to enter politics. I know Sri Lanka might be losing its future president but, I love to have a peaceful life with a lot of freedom. 😀

Last week was so unlucky for me, after seeing Suna on the walk … lol , Hopefully this week would turn out prosperously, coz we had the First Lady walking with us on the green.

  1. Dee says:

    hhahaha ‘Kawde bole mei Alice ?? ’

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