DIALOG TELEKOM, CHEATED ME :'( (others beware)

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Uncategorized
Dialog standards down the drain

Dialog standards down the drain

This is sad,  Dialog Telekom has lost its standards. They simply didn’t know how to treat a customer. Hehe… the customer is non other than me  . Recently Dialog Telekom had launched a new promotional offer, I ‘m not going to write about it, as the offer was nothing but a fake. I don’t want anyone trying it out so they too will be caught to this gimmick.

Well, I copied its promo advert from Dialog’s website.

Dialog cheated me ;(

Dialog cheated me ;(

According to this offer, if you reload your phone with 200 bucks, you will receive 50 mins D2D call time and 100 SMS’s Free. YEAH FREE…

So I made a 200/- reload, hoping that i’ll get this offer. Then I started to make calls to Dialog numbers, as I had 50 min *FREE* call time. Each call I made was *CHARGED*. Then I tried sending text messages. Yet again I was charged for every sms I sent. (for D2D numbers).  Initially i was totally freaked out and then realized that humans do make mistakes.

So I informed them about this issue, expecting a satisfactory answer. They sent me a SMS giving me my complain reference number, and later that day they sent me another sms stating that they will attend to my complain the next working day which is today 12-04-2010.

At about 5.34 PM to be exact, my account was recharged with 200 bucks, and given a new promotional offer, which states that I will have 100 free sms and 50 mins free call time, which will be valid for 48 hours. (I hope you will notice that Dialog has given a validity period for this new promotion.)

I was happy as my account was recharged with an additional 200 bucks. My happiness lasted only for few hours, at about 7.30 PM, the 200 bucks that was reloaded was removed, and they sent me a sms giving me information of some other promotional offer.

My problem was not solved. Dialog Telekom, simply rejected me, ignored me. They made me look like a fool, by alternating my account frequently. So Awkward.

I was not updated on what they were doing, normally the customer should be informed on the actions one does, and it’s sad that Dialog Telekom didn’t do it. Very poor customer service I would say. Customer service down the drain.

At the time I am writing this post, I checked my present credit, guess what……. Dialog deducted 1 cent from my account, Every one of you who are reading this post, keep an eye on your credit level. Dialog is not the telecom service provider that we knew those days. I tried contacting them through their online chat session. When I clicked the button where it says ‘chat online’, I got a form to fill my details, and then once I submitted it, the page got redirected to another page. This shows nothing but poor site maintenance. I also received an email from Dialog stating that I didn’t respond to their chat. Liar liar liar…..

Here’s the link try it out . I got to this page by clicking on the ‘chat online’ button . I accessed this page at 09.45 PM, and if it works now, Dialog might had read this post and fixed it.

Finally, I hope Dialog will look into this issue, and give back my money. And also hope they would maintain good standards and win respects from its customers. If Dialog continues to act in this manner ignoring there customers and treating them as fools , I assume the customers will switch to alternative networks where they will treat a customer as a customer and not fool.

Happy Sinhala and Tamil new year Dialog ! Give me my money back.

  1. karkar says:

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  2. Şaka bir kenara, ülkemiz cep telefonu hizmeti için verilen vergi oranı açısından bakıldığında dünyada birinci. Diğer bir yandan, yine araştırmalara göre cep telefonu penetrasyonunda %10’luk bir artış ülkenin yıllık büyüme hızını %6 oranında arttırmaktaymış. Yani, vergi yükü azaltılınca toplanan vergide azalma olmakla birlikte, dolaylı yoldan (diğer iş aktivitelerini körüklemesi sayesinde) ülkenin büyümesi sağlanabilmekte.

  3. The 3G SuperLine functions only within the company’s rapidly growing 3G coverage and customers logging into Line 2 are guaranteed of a maximum call charge of Rs 3/-. In addition, all incoming calls on 3G SuperLine are free of charge. The 3G SuperLine SIM card will cost Rs 1,000, but can be obtained free of charge during the month of December as a part of Dialog’s seasonal rewards campaign.

  4. NS says:

    This cannot be happen since the systems were well tested before the launch.

    And more than 4 Mn Dialog Prepaid customers benefited from this offer with free minutes and SMSs without no complain and they were very happy about this offer.

    Dialog is a well establish brand and the best value network in Sri Lanka and will never cheat customers and it maintains very high service standards.

    Unlikely this exception happen to only you.Can you please give your mobile number. I am from Dialog and I can check this and let you know what has happen.

    • Jamie says:

      Then y on earth did Dialog apologize ??? Go through all the complains and find out my number, i am not going to make my contact publicly visible, thus if you say this is the only complain you got, then it might be easy for you to find it out.

    • My Name says:

      I don’t believe what you are saying is credible. Dialog though boasts of (if I’m not mistaken) 6Mn odd customers it only has 3.6Mn (or so) active customers. Therefore how can you say 4Mn pre-paid customers?
      If you HAVE to lie to your customers please do it in a manner where you don’t insult their intelligence.

  5. My Name says:

    I completely agree. Dialog’s has a lot of such activities going on. I was a customer for years and so were my parents and brother. Due to the network not being good (my messages were constantly not delivering and calls not connecting) and hopeless customer care (where you complain and nothing happen-falling on deaf ears and latterly being charged for calling customer care) I finally switched to another network (and to date I have not had to make one call to customer care on this other network). I had deactivated my10 as well and even after I had removed the sim from my phone I decided to check if any friends had text me on it. So I put it to my phone to check and guess what? My credit had gone down (even when I had not been using it) which I would not have noticed had I not stopped using the dialog sim. Even my parents ended up switching (and my boy friend switched when I did and in turn his parents-as its cheaper to be on the same network).
    My brother continued using his dialog sim. Then one month, three days after the billing cycle he got a bill of 2600 odd and was shocked as he was sure with free talk time he would not have used it up to that extent. Therefore he checked his usage online and after doing the calculation realised his bill was supposed to be 400 odd for those three days. He called billing to complain and they contested what he was saying. He had to get them to then calculate for data usage and other usage while he was on the phone with them (and mind you dialog billing cannot do a simple multiplication that we could do without even the use of paper and pencil-and I’m sure they have computers and calculators in front of them) and finally they agreed and apologised and corrected the bill. However this is not the first time such outrageous bills have come – when your on the move and running for important work you just run into the nearest dialog and pay the bill to stay connected, and my brother’s connection had been disconnected (without warning) on a prior occasion (on a day he had some very important work) and he just paid the bill though he was sure it could not be such a high value. However as he was home on this particular day he had time to look into it. Dialog admitted to it this time and reversed it. But how many incidents like this go unnoticed? When your using the sim and on the run you don’t keep a tab or have time to look into it. But if you stop using the sim or you happen to have time and look into it you will realise how dialog is billing its customers. End of the day even my brother ended up switching to the network we did. So dialog is just losing customers, and a lot of people who stick on do so as it is inconvenient to switch to a new number. Therefore though dialog has many customers it does not mean they are satisfied or happy customers.
    This is how dialog though boasting of its dedication to enriching the lives of its customers actually treat them when theirs backs are turned. It is one of the most unethical and revolting companies I have even encountered.

  6. Another Annoyrd Dialog Customer says:

    Before the introduction of the Blaster Package Dialog introduced a few offers, one of which was where, when the customer takes outgoing calls D2D, you get charged the full rate for the 1st minute of talk time, the 2nd minute is 50% off the set rate, the 3rd minute is a further 50% discount etc. I activated this service for which the charge was Rs. 500/- which was charged from me. However when I made calls to other Dialog numbers I realised that I was not getting the promised discounts for which I was charged the activation fee. In short, Dialog charged me Rs. 500/- for this service but I was still getting charged their standard rates. This is high way robbery!!! The customer service was also bad and I have been getting charged in excess of my usage. Now I have switched to another network.

    Also, I have more than 1 dialog number registered to my name, but because of Dialog’s behaviour I’m not using any of them – all my Dialog SIMs are just sitting on my table (though not disconnected). I suppose they count all such inactive SIMs’ when they brag about the most number of customers in the TelCo industry :p Dialog is not what it used to be…..!!!

  7. DialogSucks says:

    The pro-dialog comments on this post are by their pathetic (so called) social media team. They go and leave pro-dialog comments on every blog post on internet criticizing their poor customer service.

    Check their Twitter page http://twitter.com/dialoglk

    This is a carbone copy of http://twitter.com/vodafoneuk

    Ain’t it lame NS?

    • Jamie says:

      I think they should invest more on improving their customer service , rather than printing lame excuses (as u said) on post that says the truth about their poor service ! 🙂

  8. vikum says:

    Dialog is a group of swine run by Malaysian pig masters.
    I regret ever having anything to do with this terrible company.
    Everything about them is nothing but BAD.
    Dear reader, just try dialing dialog customer service for mobile phones and
    see what happens! You will be asked to 10000 things (all directed by a recorded
    voice) before allowing access to a human assistant.

  9. Jamie says:

    Sri Lanka needs foreign investors to develop the country. Some might argue saying that, we can do it without any foreign interference, but that could not be practically achieved. Therefore, i don’t mind if its a Malaysian or Indian company running the business as long SL is benefited.

    According to this post, there has been a mistake from Dialogs side, hope they admit it, and prevent it from happening in the future.. 🙂

  10. Telekom says:

    thanks for nice info

  11. yes, i also took a damn network connection for 1500/= they told me they take 1000/= for gain me back after disconnect.500/= only for the line. i really didn’t use it well.this damn …….s told me they have taxes and every thing i must pay more 2500/=. what the fuk without using even 500 mb not in my package useage.shit.

  12. Sanjith says:

    jobless fools

  13. Tissa Seram says:

    I also have suffered from Dialog .Few years back I had a line, I used to take frequent overseas calls, they gave me credit upto Rs 9000, then when it fill up I pay.They send me message saying that I need to pay.Later they increased my credit level to Rs15,000.They called me and said that I can use upto 15000 Rs.Suddenly one day my line was cut off – because I exceeded Rs 9000 limit.I got annoyed and threw away the sim.Later they kept on sending me bills.I argued with them how can they cut off a line I am using for business like that without even telling me.I lost lot of business.Later they filed a case against me.
    Recently last year I bought a Broadband line – a dongle when I was on my vacation here in Colombo.They told me that I can close it when I am leaving the country and re-activate it any time I come back.I called their hotline and asked them to temporarilry stop my line till I come to Colombo again to use it.But when I come back again this year they say that line was active.and I have a pay a sum of money to use it again.There are so many ways they take money from people.Firstly they don’t explain everything in the package when you start a one.If you buy a Broadband Dongle on the 20 th of this month they will ask you to pay from 4th of that month to 4th of next month although you did not use it for 20 days.i registered to listen to cricket news – now any day there is a match they charge 10 Rs from my account, whether I listen to their cricket news or not.???????? D I A L O G.

  14. once i reloaded 100 and activated the 50 package to browse the net for 2hrs,a total of 65 was charged.i started browsing..after about half hour,the net was disconnected,i checked the balance it was zero,i alsoo received a message stating that i used half hour from my browsing time..i complained the customer care about the incident….they said they will attend to my request and a complain was loged…they said they will refund my balance but nothing was done…….

    • Jamie says:

      I think they also charge an additional 22.45% as tax for activating the package. Hope you get a positive feedback from Dialog

    • dAnubis says:

      Hey the exact same thing happened to me, twice!
      They didn’t notify that the data time was over. Did you complain,did they refund?

  15. 1dy mrnng i reloaded 100rs 4 my mum , and aftr dat just i cheak my balance at lunch time, there the balance is just 45rs bt am not take calls or send meseges,, so.., where s my money?
    What hapend 2 it?
    Dialog , ts not a service ts just a cheating way 4 cheating poor people.., ts not only happend 2 me but also ts happend to my friends, and cousins.., still i dont know what happend 2 my money. .. I going change 2 a other gud service and recommend dat 4 my friends nd cousins…
    Bye bye dialog..

  16. ex recovery system says:

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  17. voyance says:

    Excellent blog here! Also your website loads up very fast!
    What host are you using?

  18. Luxman Nanayakkara. says:

    I have no experience with Dialog. But recently I was cheated by Etisalat. I bought Etisalat freedom package 3 months earlier. They said I will have 7 GB of data monthly for 3 months and then I will have 4 GB data for each month. And also the dealer said to me I have to pay 1000 rupees (250 rupees for the sim card and 750 is refundable deposit that I can receive when I disconnect my connection. I used this package and checked my data balance everyday with My page. After sometimes when I was checking my balance I found that My page was missing. They have posted an advertisement there and I have no way to find my data balance. Some days later I found my connection was terminated and I received a SMS saying that I have exceeded my credit limit and pay an interim payment. I was confused and I know that I didn’t use such amount data. Then I called to customer care and they said that I have to pay over 750 rupees to get my connection. Although the connection was very slow, I paid that amount and I found that My page was again active. In the next month It happens again. My page was missing and then I found the connection was terminated and I received same sms asking to pay an interim payment. Then I called to customer care and asked to disconnect my connection. Then after some discussion I said them that I was not satisfied with their service and I need to end this trouble. Then they asked me to send them a request letter with my NIC copy and I did so. Then I called them to get confirm that they have received my fax. Then Etisalat customer care personnel said that I have to pay another 665 rupees saying that 750 rupees deposit was their connection fee. Do you believe that such high connection fee was charged by any provider in Sri Lanka? However I paid that amount and called customer care to get confirm that this headache was over. Then they said that my connection was already disconnected. So BEWARE OF ETISALAT.

  19. mohomedaslam says:

    Pleace change my sim registared

  20. nasrin says:

    I had 324 free d2d SMS …..yesterday when I message it did not go….

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