Proud being a Sri Lankan, More Holidays More Fun

Posted: March 28, 2010 in Uncategorized
Proud to be a Sri Lankan

Proud to be a Sri Lankan

Today I got up at 6 Am, and it was time for my Sunday jog. I usually start jogging from Cambridge place, and then pass Colpity junction, up to Galadari. I know … it’s a quite long jog. I love jogging as it gives me a lot of mental pleasure, and makes me physically fit for the rest of the week.

I twisted my ankle and that really hurts like hell. Well… I cursed the officials at the RDA (Road development authority), and the minister of high way and road development for not leveling the pavements. If the minister of high way and road development is contesting for the parliamentary election, then I’m not voting for him. After resting for awhile I continued my jog up to Galadari. The jog was as annoying as three wheeler dudes stopped frequently and was offering rides. These guys considered me to be a foreign ass. That was so annoying, to see people from your own country considering you as an alien. I have been educated in Sri Lanka and have been eating the same Sri Lankan ‘Bathui’ ‘Parrippui’ for more than 2 decades. I speak Singlish , still these guys don’t differentiate between a foreign ass and a Sri Lankan ass, sad :(.

There was one three wheeler dude, who asked me if I am going to the gem exhibition. Errr… I only had 500 bucks in my pocket. I’m much poorer this month as I forgot to collect my pay cheque last week. Since Monday is a poya, I have to wait till Tuesday to collect it 😦 . Anyway I should had visited the gem exhibition despite the 500 bucks in my pocket, if so I would have had the opportunity to see the precious stones that I wouldn’t imagine to see in my life 😦 .

Being a Sri Lankan is somewhat special; there is no country in the world that considers its people’s mental health more important than its economy itself. April 2010 is my most favorite month; there are loads and loads of holidays lined up. First of all, April 2nd which is only public and bank 😦 , then comes elections …. Yaiiiii 😀  ….. 8th of April, and 9th would be curfew, since no election in SL ends up peacefully. Next lined up is the new year 13th and 14th, and finally a poya day to end up the month. Yes, 😀 I’m proud to be a Sri Lankan.

Hmmm….. 1 ½ days of this 3 day long holiday is over 😦 . Wonder why time flies very soon during holidays ? My plan for the remaining 1 ½ days will be more focused on food, sleep and more food. I’ll be going to MC food court now, and hope no three wheeler dude bother me.
Hope everyone enjoys there holiday to the max. Keep rocking. \m/

  1. IceMan says:

    All countries should take Sri Lanka as an example and increase the number of Holidays. Like you mentioned in this post its a great way to release stress and work pressure and have a healthy set of citizens..

    God Bless Sri Lanka 🙂

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