Sirasa Stoned

Posted: March 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
Sirasa Stoned

Sirasa Stoned

Well, I’m not a fan of politics, yet I feel sorry for MTV/MBC( pvt ) LTD that was under attack once again. These people get knock down by various forces frequently (laugh). A year back it was bombed by some unknown group, and today some thugs had thrown stones at it (LMAO). The insurance company that covers this media institution might be biting nails and considering it as a pain in the ass. This organization gets beaten up very frequently and it’s surprising, as in why the state is not providing any security to it.

Thugs arriving in Buses that belong to the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) is strange, I never knew that there was a bus route in front of MTV/MBC 😛 . They should have at least arrived in three wheelers that would avoid suspension, now everyone knows who’s behind the attack. It’s clear that the person who organized the attack lacks organization capabilities; even a 7th grade student should have done a better job.

Anyway many news sources say that the attack was against AKON’s tour of Sri Lanka. Once even the Indian Bollywood star Shahrukh Khans concert was bombed over a religious issue. Knowing this, MTV/MBC should have done some more research on the artist before organizing. So the blame is on them (lack of research).

Thugs throwing stones is childish, and is a disgrace to the term ‘thugs’ as well (lol). Just because one destroys another property may not make him a hero, I hope thugs understand this.

Anyway I condemn the attack on Capital Maharaja building, and hope the relevant authorities conduct a proper investigation to this issue and provide adequate security to this media organization thus preventing further harassment to the organization and its employees. And I also hope that all future attacks to this media institution will be properly planned, as this so called stoning was captured on tape by MTV itself, lol, thus made the organization more famous.


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