Life is a bucket of SHIT mixed with GOLD DUST – It’s true

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

Life is a maze of shit. I have no control of what i’m typing, as i’m just putting into words what ever pops up to my mind.

pause … What is life ? What is the purpose of it ? pause … think a minute.

What i think about life is that, life is a bucket of shit mixed with gold dust.. The shit represents the trouble we undergo in life, and the gold dust are the happy moments, achievements and opportunities we get in life. The bucket represents life it self.

In a nutshell, Bucket Life contains Shit trouble and Gold Dust Opportunity (happy moments) .

If you take a bucket that has a mixture of shit and gold dust, apparently you’ll find more shit than gold dust. That’s more trouble. If you’re going to pick a gold dust out from a bucket of shit, you’ll probably end up with some shit on your hands.

Unfortunately my bucket of shit has run out of gold dust. So every time i try to pick a gold dust i end up with shit in my hand.

This has been the way for quite along time, where i end up with no gold dust but SHIT.

Today, i heard that there’s a pearl in my bucket of shit. and i’m in search of that pearl. I put on my swimming suit and
jumped in to the bucket of shit in search of that pearl. I don’t care about the shit that will struck on my body, as for now my only purpose is to find the pearl.

The bucket is already filled with shit, and i don’t care if people throw more shit towards me, as by now i have swam more than half away through the bucket of shit in search of the pearl. I feel that i’m close in discovering the pearl, No one can stop me now ! Even if you throw more shit towards me, it would make no change, as for now i’m used to the smell of it.

Life is a bucket of shit and gold dust, if you can’t find any gold dust, look for the pearl. and if you want the pearl there’s no wonder you gotta look for it in a bucket of shit.

happy Swimming !

  1. IceMan says:

    Finding the pearl wont be easy my friend. Why do you need to find the pearl which is in the Bucket of Shit. Look for another pearl which is somewhere else. That will make life more easier..

  2. Snuffles says:

    Well at least this is kinda true.. But I have to agree with IceMan.. Why do you wanna do stuff the hard way?

  3. suranga says:

    I was reading this several times (before and after the editing) and each time I came up with a different interpretation.

    but either way, each and every interpretation is true in its own way :P:P

  4. Jamie says:

    lolx , i didn’t edit it as yet… anyway , in a nutshell , what i wanted to say is that, if one needs to reach to a particular milestone in there life,they should face a lot of difficulties in-order to achieve it. It doesn’t come overnight, and if one is afraid to take up the challenge, they will never prosper in life.

    so the point is, if u need to make a prosperous change in your life, you should be ready to face difficulties .

    ex: Google didn’t come up with the whole structure overnight, they faced alot of challenges, and threats, when forming the company, but if they were afraid to face the challenges and threats, we WUD NOT have had a google today.

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